8 Questions to help you determine your core values

Uncategorized May 11, 2020



Values are like the flow of a river. If you're doing things in alignment with your values, you naturally want to do more of them. If you feel like someone is aligned with YOUR values, you're more likely to trust them, to work with them, and to support them.

Generally, values.

Once you know your values, anything that you associate to working WITH your values, you'll naturally want to do. It's a deeply fulfilling, inherent desire, as opposed to the rush of ego-based desires.

You'll hear it in a lot of marketing talk as "finding your purpose" or "discover your ikigai", but the core really is just whether you're in alignment with your values. When you are, things feel good. When you're not, things feel icky and tiring.

Motivation based on values is generally considered the strongest and longest-lasting form of motivation.

This is the core idea behind Simon Sinek's "Find your why", the concept behind internal vs external motivation in Daniel Pink's "Drive", the idea behind...

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5 ways to be more KIND during the pandemic

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020
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What happens when you no longer feel fulfilled in your job?

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Full Transcript:

So tell me if you resonate with this:

I've been, I've been getting so many clients coming back to me, who's been telling me that they no longer feel fulfilled by what they do. Do you ever feel that like this, like the work that you do no longer feels fulfilling or or it no longer feels like it excites you in the same way? This is a very common thing that I've been hearing back.

So maybe this describes you. In the beginning of what you started, you were quite excited. You were really excited by the energy, you know, but what you're going to do, you're excited and you're feeling energized. And you're getting a lot back from this thing. You're getting a sense of like, yes, this is what even though those early few weeks or months or even years, you'll work extremely hard. You worked extremely long hours you were doing all those things.

But maybe you feel now that you're not quite as fulfilled, and maybe you feel more tired now, maybe you feel more dread Going into the...

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Building productivity without burning out: The SHAPE Framework

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

What is the SHAPE Framework?

Our minds work a bit like a processing system. They operate off of values, habits, and expectations, and from these, we create actions. Another way is to say we do things because we think something will happen after we do it, and the reason we believe something will happen is because we have sets of expectations (doing good things = getting good results) that guide us, and values that support that (doing good things = being a good person).

Burnout is caused when our actions are not in line with our values (we believe we want to make the world a better place, but all we are doing is shuffling numbers), which causes incongruence, which means we are using only beliefs (if I don't hustle and shuffle numbers, I won't make enough money and I'll die alone and unloved). 

The use of willpower to keep us going is perfectly fine, until that temporary boost of motivation turns into anxiety, and the anxiety turns into burnout. 

This is when we need a...

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Pay yourself better emotions


Full Transcript:

Hi there. I'm John Wang from founder burnout.

Today, I want you to imagine for me, if you will, that you have a star employee, this employee goes not just the extra mile, the extra 20, 30, 40 miles.

He wants to wake up every morning at 6am 6am he wants to go to bed every night like 1am. And all he wants to do is help your business make more money.

This guy is so motivated that even when he's not working, which is very rare, because he's almost always working, right. He's almost always taking phone calls, scheduling meetings, you know, you know, planning out sales calls, and even when he's not working, even when he's at dinner with his family, right, even when he's hanging out with his friends, he's thinking about how to make your business more money.

Not only that, but in his mind, he gives himself so much guilt, that whenever he's not doing something that he deems to be the most productive for your business, he beats himself up about it. Now, as you picture this...

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If you have to sacrifice your needs to be loved, that's not love.

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When I was younger, my entire understanding of relationships was built on some messed up misconceptions.

I felt like "love" was supposed to be self-sacrificial. It was supposed to be self-abandoning. You loved her more than your own life and would do ANYTHING to keep her. (Cue dramatic Korean Drama music)

Yeah, turns out that's all WRONG.

"We're inseparable. I literally can't live without her, and she can't live without me."

So romantic, right? Yeah bud, that's called Co-dependency.

"I can't say no to him. He gets jealous and angry because he just loves me so much. He doesn't let me talk to other guys, that's how much he loves me."

Yikes. That's controlling and abusive. GTFO.

The problem with this is that often times the "I can't imagine my life without you" kind of love is based on a traumatic fear.

See, when we were little, our relationship with our parents were the main one we had. They were LITERALLY gods to us-- after all, they created us and can...

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