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Hi there. I'm John Wang from founder burnout.

Today, I want you to imagine for me, if you will, that you have a star employee, this employee goes not just the extra mile, the extra 20, 30, 40 miles.

He wants to wake up every morning at 6am 6am he wants to go to bed every night like 1am. And all he wants to do is help your business make more money.

This guy is so motivated that even when he's not working, which is very rare, because he's almost always working, right. He's almost always taking phone calls, scheduling meetings, you know, you know, planning out sales calls, and even when he's not working, even when he's at dinner with his family, right, even when he's hanging out with his friends, he's thinking about how to make your business more money.

Not only that, but in his mind, he gives himself so much guilt, that whenever he's not doing something that he deems to be the most productive for your business, he beats himself up about it. Now, as you picture this...

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